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What's GO YE?

GO YE is a movement of Christians who are burdened with the code desire of the Lord who wants All MEN TO BE SAVED. For years , the ministry of reconciliation has be left to chance. And many who claim to be saved are clearly not as their lifestyle says otherwise.

If we must see the culture of the kingdom permeate our beings and our society. We must:

1. reach out to the lost

2. disciple them.

3. deploy them to do the same.

This are the triad mission of GO YE.

We do this through the commitment of blazing believers all across the globe by focusing on preaching simply the Gospel leveraging technology and other Christocentric innovations to win more souls to the kingdom.

Our target is to reach 20,000 souls annually.

Our International day for Intercession for souls and Soul Winning is 1st Friday by 9pm (Let’s pray for souls ) and Saturday 9am, 12pm and 3pm ( Let’s fish for Souls) every month.

Don’t snooze this call. Destinies are dependent on it, the sanctity of the society our children and Grandchildren will leave in is dependent on it.

Thank you for signing up, don’t forget to share with others. We love you.

Stay on fire for Jesus.

With love,

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